In a world of noise and chaos we will encourage young people to experience the silence of the world of water at rest. We will encourage them to exult in victory and to understand that they may cry in defeat because they are free to reset their goals and strive for triumph another day.


Freedom Rowers helps youth become all they have the potential to be through the sport of rowing. We will encourage young people to strive and succeed. We will create an environment in which they are free to fail. Free to challenge others. Free to appreciate the beauty of nature, the wind on their faces, the blisters on their hands, the splash of their oars in the water and the feeling of power that comes from the propulsion their strokes provide. 


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Covid-19, Team update 

March 10, 2020

Dear Parents and Rowers,
As the Corona Virus continues to place our lives on hold, it is with much thought, discussion and adherence to outside decisions that the Freedom Rowers Board of Directors and I need to announce our spring rowing season is cancelled. Along with the extended absence from school, US Rowing has suspended all planned regattas through the beginning of May...at the least.

This is not an easy decision. Our start to the season was an impressive 3-4 days! We usually do not get on the water the first week, but the boats and rowers were ready to go and the weather was usually warm for March. We understand the disappointment runs deep. As one of my rowing sources so aptly put it:
"This sport has always been a tool to prepare us to be good citizens and leaders in the world beyond boats. We ask our members to call on the lessons rowing has taught us: resilience, patience and the willingness to step up and take care of one another. We want to add to the chorus in urging our community, usually so active, to do your part by "staying put" ... for this is our greatest opportunity for making an impact." 

As your Freedom Rowers family, we are missing so much more than our time on the water. We are missing your smiles, your stories and the energy you bring to Evergreen Cove each day. Thinking ahead, we would like to celebrate our new rowers and honor our seniors who have spent the better part of their high school years with us. We are not sure how or when this is going to work out just yet. Our hope is to get the team back on the water as soon as the situation allows.

We will continue to send you updates as we emerge on the other side of this community challenge, and as always, we welcome your thoughts. Payments for the season are suspended and arrangements will be made for refunds should you have already paid.

Again, I encourage all rowers to stay in shape, stay in touch and maintain the Freedom Rowers ethic of excellence. We are pulling for each other and the river will be waiting for us.

Stay well, and see you on the "recovery"
Chris Gill
Executive Director and Coach

Board President, Christopher Walsh, Board Members: Alison Sanford, Robert Billings, Sandy Brown and JoRoy Lizewksi
Fellow Coaches, David Hillman, Sarah McKenzie and Kevin White

We will continue to monitor National, State and Local guidelines to determine a safe re-opening date for the Freedom Rowers team. Updates will be posted for all and e-mailed to our families. Thank you.

That is challenging and demanding, but more importantly, it is both rewarding and fun! The sport, at any level, requires hard work, dedication, mental toughness and safety awareness. In return, rowing will give you so much more - a successful team , a fit body and a healthy mind.

Rowing is an amazing sport