Established in 2004, Freedom Rowers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) co-educational junior rowing team on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The team has over 500 alumni and 30 - 40 rowers in any given season. By teaching the commitment and discipline rowing requires, the organization boosts growth and self-esteem while opening doors for scholastic, community, and personal achievement.

Freedom Rowers enjoys tremendous community support and devotes significant resources to offer need-based scholarships and keep our program fees low.

Freedom Rowers helps youth become all they have the potential to be through the sport of rowing. We encourage young people to strive and succeed. We create an environment in which they can challenge their own limits while appreciating the beauty of nature, the wind on their faces, the blisters on their hands, and the feeling of power that comes from rowing together as one.

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Spring rowing season 2021

So the first question on everybody's mind is..."Will there be rowing this spring?"

The Answer is ..."Yes!"

"Will it be back to "normal"?...Rowing 8"s and 4"s?"....

The Answer is...No...not yet, but please read on.  

The plan for this spring is to be in singles again. PODS of 5 - 6, just like last fall. We will be rowing the "skinny" racing singles, not the recreational Aldens.

Each POD will have an assigned day on the water (3:30 - 6:00 ) and a land/erg training day on one other day of the week. (3:30 - 5:00)

Because of the cold water temperatures in March, we will be shifting the "on water" season to begin April 5 and extend the season until June 11th. (typically we have the 8's on the water by Mid-March because they are much more stable with less of a flipping risk than the singles. 

The "100 Rule" used in youth rowing, which states, water and air temperature should equal 100, is much more critical in the spring to getting boats safely onto the water.

If the weather warms early, we can begin outdoor land training around March 22nd. (updates to come)

Transitioning into big boats? - We are hoping that if the COVID numbers and vaccination progress is good,  we can possibly hold open the option to get back into the bigger boats by Mid to late May...again, nothing is set in concrete. Also, Doubles rowing is an option for siblings or those quarantined together.

Regattas - USRowing has not scheduled any regattas for this spring, but we are hopeful that we can safely gather for small scrimmage races with other clubs who are also rowing singles programs this spring.

New Novice Rowers - Due to our limited number of single sculls we will not be taking on any new rowers this spring. Instead, the prospective rowers that wish to join the team will be invited to take part in a "learn to row" program this summer which will hopefully set them up to be on the team in the Fall of 2021.  This is actually an excellent opportunity to gain the confidence and skills which will give them a leg up on their team arrival. Our program can seat 40 rowers a season, so space is limited. (We have returning rowers who remain on the team throughout high school.) Our "wait list" for the summer is growing, so if you wish to participate in "Learn-to -Row", or have any other questions, please contact Coach Gill.

Chris Gill
Executive Director and Coach
410-253-6851 or chrisgill@freedomrowers.org

Fellow Coach:  Kevin White

Board President, Christopher Walsh,
Board Members: Robert Billings, Sandy Brown, and JoRoy Lizewksi

that's both challenging and demanding, but more importantly, rewarding and fun!  The sport requires hard work, dedication, mental toughness, and safety awareness. In return, rowing will give you so much more - a successful team, a fit body, and a healthy mind."

"Rowing is an amazing sport...