Established in 2004, Freedom Rowers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) co-educational junior rowing team on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The team has over 500 alumni and 30 - 40 rowers in any given season. By teaching the commitment and discipline rowing requires, the organization boosts growth and self-esteem while opening doors for scholastic, community, and personal achievement.

Freedom Rowers enjoys tremendous community support and devotes significant resources to offer need-based scholarships and keep our program fees low.

Freedom Rowers helps youth become all they have the potential to be through the sport of rowing. We encourage young people to strive and succeed. We create an environment in which they can challenge their own limits while appreciating the beauty of nature, the wind on their faces, the blisters on their hands, and the feeling of power that comes from rowing together as one.

Latest Update

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Welcome 2021!

Learning from Adjustments and opportunitieS

What can we say....2020 felt much like a dance, a few steps forward and one step back!  So what did we learn?  Lots!  We learned that there are challenges, opportunities, and even silver linings when viewed through the proper lens.

Most importantly, we were able to find a way to row!

While we have always had singles available in our program, we have never committed to a dedicated singles program as we were forced to do this past year.

We found that rowing in small PODS allowed the rowers and coaches to work on individual skill development rather than switching line-ups and boats each day as we do with large boat/team practices. We saw great technical progress with a jump in boat handling and steering.... the confidence to "row your own boat."

This winter our team continues to show its resilience and commitment by  interacting remotely, including creative challenges to keep the team engaged and having fun. We are thankful that our athletes remain focused and optimistic. The lessons of patience and problem solving they have learned this past year will serve them well in all their future endeavors both on the water and off.

The greatest lesson that we will carry forward post-COVID is one of gratitude... that rowing and being on the water is the best time of the day for both student athletes and coaches.

We must cherish that privilege.
Chris Gill
Executive Director and Coach

Fellow Coaches:  Kevin White, David Hillman

Board President, Christopher Walsh,
Board Members: Robert Billings, Sandy Brown, and JoRoy Lizewksi

that's both challenging and demanding, but more importantly, rewarding and fun!  The sport requires hard work, dedication, mental toughness, and safety awareness. In return, rowing will give you so much more - a successful team, a fit body, and a healthy mind."

"Rowing is an amazing sport...