Established in 2004, Freedom Rowers is a non-profit 501(c)(3) co-educational junior rowing team on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The team has over 500 alumni and 30 - 40 rowers in any given season. By teaching the commitment and discipline rowing requires, the organization boosts growth and self-esteem while opening doors for scholastic, community, and personal achievement.

Freedom Rowers enjoys tremendous community support and devotes significant resources to offer need-based scholarships and keep our program fees low.

Freedom Rowers helps youth become all they have the potential to be through the sport of rowing. We encourage young people to strive and succeed. We create an environment in which they can challenge their own limits while appreciating the beauty of nature, the wind on their faces, the blisters on their hands, and the feeling of power that comes from rowing together as one.

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One big happy team again

After a little more than a year of "COVID ROWING" in singles and small pods, we are excited to announce that we are once again back in our Sweep Boats...the Big Boats... the 8's and 4's!!! 

Not that rowing in singles was bad, we actually had a very successful year of learning skills and techniques which made our rowers more confident and accomplished. But rowing the Sweep boats, together, as a team, is where the heart of our mission lies. 

The timing was right. We are graduating 13 of our seniors this spring! Thirteen rowers that have so much to pass on to the Novice rowers. I often compare a team to a sour dough starter.... you have to feed the culture for it to grow. Our seniors have all grown through the program and are the finest examples of how to be a good team mate and mentor. They know the boats, the rigging, the races, and the daily routines like washing down the boats, and checking equipment as we put it away.  And there's always that certain senior that really knows how to strap boats onto the trailer so they don't fly off at 60 miles per hour going to a regatta! ...yes, those skills are so important to pass on to the next generation of rowers.

So the timing was right, time to bring them back together, time to fill the boats, and time to pass the torch to a new generation of rowers who will be mentors and proud Freedom Rowers.  And we couldn't be more thrilled!

Chris Gill
Executive Director and Coach
410-253-6851 or chrisgill@freedomrowers.org

Fellow Coach:  Kevin White

Board President, Christopher Walsh,
Board Members: Robert Billings, Sandy Brown, Wendy Palmer, and
JoRoy Lizewksi


Our rowers and parents are our biggest advocates, and therefore our team roster tends to fill quickly for each season. We have a seat capacity limit on the team of 40 rowers per season. We DO have a few openings remaining for the fall 2021 team. (You may also choose to get on the "wait list" for the spring of 2022)

This summer we are offering 3 "Learn-to-Row" sessions as an introduction to the sport. It is not a prerequisite to joining the team, but it certainly will give your child a leg up on feeling comfortable in the boat as well as a jump on the skills and techniques involved in rowing. 

We have scheduled 3 dates to choose from: 

June 22 - 25 / July 13 - 16 / August 10 - 13
Classes run Tues. - Fri., 9am - 11:00 at our Evergreen Cove location on Port Street    Cost: $100 per session

Please email Coach Gill at the contact info above to schedule a date or inquire about the team.

Once you are signed up you will receive paperwork and waiver forms to be completed before the classes start. (Please note: Your child must be 13 years old by September in order to join the team...this is a US Rowing requirement)

that's both challenging and demanding, but more importantly, rewarding and fun!  The sport requires hard work, dedication, mental toughness, and safety awareness. In return, rowing will give you so much more - a successful team, a fit body, and a healthy mind."

"Rowing is an amazing sport...