About Us

Freedom Rowers was established 2004 under the vision of Diana Lobien as a competitive rowing program serving as an alternative to the ball oriented sports typically offered by the schools and county programs. Diana forged our relationships with the YMCA, Evergreen Cove, and town committees to give us a solid base of operation. She stayed with the team until the spring of 2011, when she passed the job of Executive Director and Coach to Chris Gill who retired in the spring of 2023.

We are a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit with no school affiliation; our funding is derived from the support of private donors and program fees. Freedom Rowers is open to students aged 13 – 18 in schools from Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne Counties as well as home schooled children.


$550.00 per season (includes at least 4 - 5 competitive regattas in the Mid-Atlantic area) 

Spring: March thru May | fall: September thru November

We offer two seasons a year: 

 to keep our rowers in shape and giving them a chance to participate in erg/rowing machine competitions held in DC.

Scheduled during the summer as a 4 day introduction to the skills and techniques used in the team "sweep boats" 
Also offered is an introduction to sculling in single shells.


also available:

Please refer to latest updates on our Home page.
For summer scheduling of classes, please inquire at the end of May

The Details

Our team can accommodate up to 40 rowers a season

2 - Eight person boats (60 feet long)

the current fleet includes: 

4 – Four person boats

4 - Two person boats

5 Racing singles

We have 2 Boston Whalers which we use as chase boats…. always with the rowers during practice

6 TRAINING singles

Our Approach

Each rower has both their hands on one oar, rowing either “port” or “starboard” side. 



When the rower has two oars in their hands. 


 Novice rowers typically learn to row in our large 8 person boats (sweep) and are later paired with JV and Varsity rowers to learn the skills needed for smaller boats or sculling.

Meet Our Staff

head Coach, Chloe allen

We welcomed Coach Chloe Allen to our team in the spring of 2023. Chloe comes to our staff with a great rowing background vital to the team. She got her start in High School  with our very own Freedom Rowers and continued her rowing abroad in New Zealand. Upon returning to Easton she formed an adult rowing program, Eastern Shore Community Rowers  which she still runs and coaches. 
We're thrilled Chloe has returned to the world of competitive youth programs where she will be passing on her knowledge to the next generation of rowers.
Chloe lives in Easton with her husband Michael and their 2 dogs.
Contact her at : coachallen@freedomrowers.org

Coach White joined Freedom Rowers 5 years ago when his own sons were on the team.  His background as a rower began at the Naval Academy, class of '92, and continued as an adult rower. Kevin is especially skilled at working with our Varsity rowers and taking their skills to the next level in preparation for competition. His background in the Marines has also benefitted our winter training program with his personalized workout regiment both in the gym and on the track. 
Kevin is the owner and CEO of Global Vision 2020, and lives in Easton with his wife Rebecca and their two sons.

Assistant coach, kevin white

Freedom Rowers

Core Values 

As an inclusive organization, we value the skills, strength, and intelligence of everyone in our diverse community and strive to create a team culture that is representative of this belief.

Realizing our community has a wide range of ages, we hope to foster relationships between adults and youth where young people learn from the experience of the adults, and the adults can better appreciate the gifts of young people.

As a group, we value higher education and are committed to offer a program that will hone the skills of participants so that they can be candidates for institutions of higher learning. 

We believe the skills learned in rowing benefits health, fosters mental discipline, improves confidence and heightens appreciation for the beauty of the world in which we all live and work.

We are committed to cooperative work and play; integrity in relationships and responsibilities; total commitment on the part of participants to the purpose of his/her team and the mission of this organization; and respect for the leaders of this organization.